Threat Hunting & Incident Response

“HIDE consultants will draw upon TOGAF and SABSA (leading frameworks in architecture development) to design the blueprint for Cybersecurity.”

Recent research has shown that organizations typically take upwards of 200 days to realize that they have been victims of an advanced attack. In addition, to respond to a cyber-attack requires a documented, learned and implemented process for incident response.

From a pro-active perspective, our consultants can create the entire ‘Threat Hunting’ process for your organization. This will ensure you are abreast with the threat landscape and better prepared to face any eventuality.

HIDE Consultants can, based on your specific setup, create a Security IR plan and process that will be invaluable when an attack occurs. Our consultants will assist your organization throughout the ‘PICERL’ process of the incident response keeping in mind and mapping it to the ‘Cyber Kill’ chain.

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